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How we manifested our new apartment!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

It wasn’t as hard as it seemed. All it was about was just us getting clear on what we desired, healing anything out of alignment with that, and not giving up.

At first, it seemed impossible because of our credit and our rental history, but we just healed, using the Mirror Exercise, through every upset that was arising, and then, BAM! We got accepted into the perfect place for us!

Here’s a little recap of our journey to inspire you and show you how you can manifest anything you’re desiring, too!

The Love List

Living in an apartment without a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, and air conditioning was an obvious way to find out what we didn’t desire in an apartment. You can make a Love List for anything that you desire, and always start with what you know you DON’T desire, and write the opposite of those things. Our Love List looked like this:

I often felt dismissive toward our Love List, because part of me really didn’t believe that we could get an apartment like that WITHIN our price range. Like, who gets shit like that? Well, we did. We just did the spiritual work in front of us, looked for what we desired, and never chose to settle. When there’s a will, there’s a way!

And the way is through your challenges. Don’t be discouraged: they’re lessons, and they’re actually a sign that your desires’ fulfillment is on the horizon! Just move through them, just love yourself, and just don’t give up! You’ve got this! (Same applies to your Twin Flame, too!)

Transcending the ghetto

When we manifested our current apartment, which we’re about to move out of, we were homeless (driving in our car, doing DoorDash and Instacart to make money during the day, and staying in Airbnb’s at night). We felt quite unworthy of having the good things in life at the time, but again, we chose to let that go and ended up delivering a pizza to a housing assistance office—no cap, fam! Even when times are extremely dark, choosing love is going to bring you out of them and into the Light.

Our case manager, Sophia, issued us a check to help us move into our current apartment. We were blown away by it at the time. When we walked in, I loved its cute, old-fashioned design, and we were amazed at how big yet cheap it was.

Well, it turned out that we got what we paid for, because it was very unkept, and it had zero amenities. The area was also rough and kind of violent, but that wasn’t even apparent to us at the time. We were just grateful to have our own place again! 😀

And, really, all of our experiences in this home have just led us deeper into Love. We’ve healed into a place of feeling so much safer, happier, and more comfortable right where we are, and that’s the key to manifesting what you desire: it all starts within, when manifest.

Saying “No” to everything we didn’t want

We never accepted apartments that didn’t feel 100% good to us. They had to be 100% aligned with our Love List in order to pass the vibe check! 😁 And we did have to increase our initial price range in order to find the perfect apartment for us, but we also manifested a higher income: Isaiah got a pay raise, and I started a better-paying job. Plus, I left a very toxic job environment, which freed up my energy ENORMOUSLY.

Never stay in an abusive, stagnant situation; if you’re healing and you’re clear that the workplace’s values do not align with yours, get out! Manifest an upgraded job for yourself. And heal what’s upsetting you about the current job so you can truly transcend it.

It did seem hard for us to find something that had everything we wanted. It seemed like we had to compromise on one thing or another to still stay in our price range.

But, that wasn’t the case at all!

It turned out that we had been overlooking the city we’ve been living in, because we were associating it with the bad experiences that we’d been having. We left it out of our searches until we finally had had enough of expensive yet rundown, under-equipped apartments. But our city did actually have some really nice areas in it, and it was also much more affordable than Denver. So, we started looking there. The same day, we scheduled a showing somewhere in our city that seemed to match everything on our Love List, too!

The breakthrough

The showing was really nice, we applied, and we got approved! I almost didn’t believe it when it happened, but I also knew that it was because the Divine could move in our life when we weren’t blocked to it anymore. We had healed enough to cross the threshold of our desires.

Our new place has

❤️ A wood-burning fireplace (those are only in older apartments)

🧡 Central AC (only found in newer apartments, so this one was in between!)

💛 Washer and dryer hookups (goodbye, laundromat!!!)

💚 A dishwasher, a bigger fridge, and a large oven with a broiler

💙 A balcony where we can have plants and chairs 🪴🥰

💜 Much more cabinet space

💗 Everything clean and in good condition

We never thought that we could find something we could afford with everything we desired, not in the Denver metro area, which is notoriously expensive. And, it’s right across the street from Cherry Creek State Park, meaning if we want to take a walk in nature, or go out on the water, we’re literally within walking distance of all of that. It’s a beautiful, extremely supportive upgrade for us!

We hope that our story inspires you to go after everything you desire, too. Write your Love List, heal your upsets, and say no to everything that’s not in alignment with your desires. You CAN and you WILL manifest your Perfect Person, home, job, car, and everything else if you do all of this and never give up! 💝

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