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Dating while trans: Is there a better way?

You don't have to suffer navigating the dating world as a trans person. There is another way.

I've heard so many people talk about how their dating experiences were filled with problems because of the widespread prejudice against trans people. There's nothing you need to change about yourself to stop this from happening. You are perfect.

What you do need to do is love yourself so that your inner reality is filled with love and kindness. Then you can attract better experiences on the outside. That's what has worked for me, and why would it be any different for you?

For me, the process of loving myself has been hugely liberating. Not only do I get to skip the horrors of the dating world (which everybody experiences one way or another, trans or not). I've been able to get over all of the inner pain that made dating and relationships so unbearably difficult in the past.

Now, I get to enjoy my relationship with my man, who's perfect for me. We can resolve any issue that comes up because we know how to love ourselves—deeper than anyone in our past could ever have taught us.

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