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How to get unstuck on your Twin Flame journey

Often, I hear people saying that they're stuck on their journey. They've hit a block in their relationship with their Twin Flame, and they're just convinced that their journey is over. Be it their Twin Flame getting married or having children, blocking them on social media, or not wanting the same things that they want for their relationship, people come across all kinds of things that make them question if this journey is even for them.

I'm here to tell you that it is for you. No matter what.

Why? Because your Twin Flame is just you—they're just the other half of the greater Union of you and them. In other words, they're simply reflecting what's in your consciousness, and some of that doesn't feel very good at all.

That's because your Twin Flame is mainly meant to trigger you into enlightenment. To show you all the places where you're choosing non-love over love, so that you can get closer to God, the Divine, All That Is Good, your Source, or whatever you desire to call it.

This doesn't mean that pain is the main purpose of your Twin Flame. Quite the contrary: their only purpose on your journey is to love you and to be loved by you. It just doesn't look like that if you haven't found the right information and guidance on this journey.

Without Twin Flame Ascension School and all the other parts of Jeff and Shaleia's amazing Twin Flame Teachings, I would absolutely not be where I am today. I would still have the same pain that I had always suffered from: I numbed out, found ways to escape, and just wasn't aware that True Love was really for me.

But now, I'll never look back. I know that my Twin Flame is just helping me heal and come into greater alignment with Love. I've had some incredibly challenging blocks on this journey, and I continue to work through layers and layers and layers of certain ones. But that doesn't stop me, because I truly do desire my Divine Lover. I truly desire to end the pain of separation from the Divine, from All That Is Good, from God. That's a Call from the Divine, and you reading this and choosing to claim your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and Union with the Divine is you answering the Call to Love.

It's safe to go down this path: the only risk, and it's absolutely a certain danger, is that you'll lose "your" ego. You'll lose the false self that's experiencing the illusion of separation from All That Is Good—but you're not that false self. You ARE a Divine Being. You ARE meant for greater things than this shitty illusion that you've been experiencing. You ARE perfect right now. You're just blinded to it by the ego.

And it's your choice to unblind yourself.

Your Twin Flame is showing you the way. All the upsets you have with them? Those are your tickets to freedom. If you heal those, you immediately get to experience Love. First within. Then everywhere throughout your life.

It's your path to total and complete Ascension: liberation from all pain and suffering.

After all, who would possibly dream of a less-than-perfect life with their Perfect Lover?

If you choose to accept that that's what you deserve, and nothing less, then you're ready for this path. Make the choice—choose to claim your Harmonious Twin Flame Union—and take all the steps that will appear before you. Heal yourself. Let go of what's not serving you. Claim all your good in life.

Do you know where to go next and how to really start loving yourself on this journey?

Visit to get the free Twin Flame Ascension Introductory Course written by Jeff and Shaleia, and then use the coupon you will receive with the Course to book an introductory session with me, Isaiah, or both of us together. We will be happy to help you resolve your Twin Flame problems for good!

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